Czech Bilingual Children Club

Creative lessons where children learn Czech through games, stories and art

Do you have bilingual children and find teaching them Czech difficult?

We will prepare bespoke private lessons for you

“My son was learning Czech with one of their teachers and even at the age of 3 he really enjoyed his classes. Their tutors are professional, flexible, and deliver really well structured courses, which are fun and very personalised.”


Children Club


Czech Lessons for Parents

Music Lessons

Czech through games

The language is taught exclusively through games and a wide range of physical activities. These include Czech gym, Czech dancing, Czech messy cooking, popular Czech games or Czech role play. At our club, children play and learn at the same time.


Children and parents

Both children and parents are actively involved throughout. The aim of the sessions is to enable everyone to have as much fun as possible. We help to reinstall bilingualism in families where the Czech language is not frequently spoken.

Czech through stories

Our goal is to promote and maintain Czech cultural traditions and customs. Children can enjoy Czech storytelling and explore famous Czech cartoon characters, like Krteček or Pat a Mat, through stories, fairytales, songs, or DVDs.

Supporting bilingualism

We want to improve and develop existing bilingualism in children with a passive knowledge of Czech. Our goal is to help them become confident and active speakers who can feel comfortable when they visit their grandparents or speak to friends.

“Excellent tuition in a comfortable environment – Highly recommended if you or your children would like to improve Czech language skills.”


The minimum number of words children can learn a year

The minimum number of words children can learn a week

The minimum number of words children can learn a day