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Czech Films in Barnes

We would like to invite you to our new Czech Film Screening organised by the Czech Language Club and Velehrad. This event is for Czech nationals, Czech language students and everyone who is interested in Czech culture. The first screening is on Saturday...

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Learn Czech Vocabulary: Furniture

This week, we are going to look at the place where you live. Do you know how to say a chair in Czech? Židle. Well done! And what about a carpet? Koberec. Great! There are so many words when it comes to a flat or house. Have you tried learning these words from a book?...

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Learn Czech Vocabulary: Images

When you are learning new languages you might become frustrated. My students often say the same thing: "I can possibly never learn the endless number of unfamiliar words!" Does it sound familiar? Well, your feeling is absolutely understandable. Let’s have a look at...

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Speak Czech Fluently: 10 Tips for Learning Languages

I am surrounded by people who have always wanted to learn a new language properly but never did for different reasons. People in England often learn French, Spanish or German at school. However, many of them say that they actually cannot speak these languages. After...

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Czech Club in Barnes is Growing

Our Czech children club in Barnes started last autumn. The idea behind the whole concept was creating an active circle of Czech-English families who are raising their children bilingually. We wanted to establish a place where parents can meet other like-minded parents...

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5 Ways to Practise Czech With Your Partner

Lots of students are learning Czech because of their partners. They want to understand their in-laws and be able to communicate in the Czech Republic. They are very motivated at the beginning. Later they try speaking Czech at home and find out that their partners...

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How to Sound Smart in Czech

Reaching fluency can take some months but there are some tricks to help you sound more advanced than you actually are. The secret behind a good conversation is using linking words and phrases. You do not have to study Czech for years to sound clever. Learn these...

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New Year’s Resolutions for Czech Students

Budu se učit česky každý týden alespoň 3 hodiny I will learn Czech every week at least for three hours Každý den se naučím alespoň 3 nová slovíčka I learn at least 3 new words every day Budu pravidelně dělat domácí úkoly I will do my homework regularly Budu se dívat...

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Learn Czech Online

Skype lessons are becoming more and more popular. Why? Maybe because people are busy or live far from the teaching centre. Perhaps because studying at their place with their own schedule is simply cool.   If you decide for our online Czech lessons, you will: - SAVE...

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Rebecca Bell: Czech Is a Beautiful and Fascinating Language

‘If you have a Scottish accent, it really helps with speaking Czech’. When I started learning Czech ten years ago, my first teacher tried to encourage the class with these words. Apparently the Czech pronunciation of ‘ch’ was like that at the end of ‘loch’, and a...

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15 Common Czech Mistakes Made By English Speakers

During years of teaching Czech, I have encountered lots of mistakes. I love them. Mistakes are great. They should not put us off learning. Nobody has every learnt anything without them. However, you can easily avoid some of them. Native English speakers tend to make...

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Gillian Roberts: Czech Can Be Logical and Quite Pretty

Learning Czech brings me so much enjoyment that even though it can be difficult sometimes, it never feels like hard work! I find language learning a joy and of course all languages are unique and beautiful in their own way, but Czech is particularly special. Maybe the...

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Start Learning Czech This September

What is the best time to learn Czech? Now! People often dream about things instead of doing them and learning a new language is one of them. Honestly, how many times have you thought of starting learning Czech? Have you started? Not yet? When it comes to language...

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Czech is Cool

Czech has a reputation for being an extremely difficult language. Is it really that difficult? Yes, I suppose it is but it should not discourage you from learning it. Czech is a good option for someone who wants to try something different. Cool Diacriticsˇˇ We use...

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